Switches & Outlets
Just a flick of the switch...

What is a house without a light switch? How about without an outlet to plug your appliances into. Your laptop, lamp, or clock. Without these products you would be late all the time, your food would go bad, and you wouldn't be able to see at night. So if you are planning on adding a new addition, updating your current infrastructure, or just adding a new outlet make sure to stop by Powerhouse Electric to get our professional opinion and see what we have in stock.

Contact us today to learn more about all the ways Powerhouse Electric Supply can help you save, using our online form or by phone at 419-532-6614 and take a look below to see a few of the electrical necessities we offer:


We have a large selection of switches that are sure to meet your needs. Toggle switches, combination switches and decorative. The styles, colors, and designs are made to accent your houses interior and provide unmatched functionality.


Need control over how much light there is in a room? Then a dimmer is what you need. From rotary switch dimmers to slider controled we have a selection that is going to make choosing what you need easy! Stop into our store today so we can show you what we have in stock!


Laptop, television, lamp, sweeper, cell phone... so many outlets! Your going to need a lot of places to plug in the devices that help you everyday and what better place to get them at then Power House Electric! We can help you get what you need to expand your current household outlets, for your new house, or for any other project you are working on. Call us today to get a price quote or stop in to speak to our knowledgeable sales team.

Appliance outlets

Everybody needs to have appliances and no matter what they are we can help. We can provide you with the necesary wall outlets and pigtail for any of your appliances. Let us know what you need and we can help you be up and running in no time!

For a more complete listing...
For a complete listing of the switches and outlets we offer contact us using our online form or by phone.