Simkar Corporation, founded in 1952, is a U.S.-based manufacturer of linear and compact fluorescent, exit and emergency, HID, induction, LED, and vandal resistant lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial and residential applications. From humble beginnings in the basement of a northeast Philadelphia row house, Simkar Corporation is now among the largest fluorescent lighting fixture manufacturers in the United States.


Fluorescent Fixtures

Simkar offers a very wide range of fluorescent fixtures for almost any application. From the most basic residential fixtures to our high tech, high performance industrial high bays, our products help you complete your projects with great results.

HID Fixtures

If your site needs include HID, look no further than Simkar's comprehensive range of HID offerings. See our range of HID lighting to find everything from landscape lighting to automotive showroom illumination to dedicated sports venue lighting.

Exit and Emergency

When your project entails fitting a site with Exit and Emergency lighting, look to our range of products for a comprehensive solution on any project. From combo kits to single signs and lights we have everything you need to finish the job.
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