Milbank builds solutions that move power for the residential, commercial, industrial, utility and transportation sectors. Milbank combines more than 80 years of expertise in electrical distribution with a commitment to develop and globally implement sustainable, integrated power solutions. Milbank's portfolio includes electric metering systems, PowerGenTM wind and solar solutions, EVSE and portable power. A third-generation, family-owned business, Milbank Manufacturing Company is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo.


Residential / Commercial Meter Sockets

Milbank provides solutions for both residential and commercial costomers. Milbank residential meter sockets can be installed on homes with light load current requirements of 100 amps, up to the demanding requirements of the largest homes requiring single 320 amp meter sockets. Milbank commercial meter sockets can be installed in commercial and industrial facilities with current requirements of 100 through 320 amps for self-contained meters, 480 amps for bolt-on meters, and higher amperage ratings using current transformer rated sockets and enclosures. So whatever your need is Milbank is the answer.

PowerGen Generators

Milbank is proud to offer a series of air-cooled Home Standby Systems powered by Briggs & Stratton. Featuring affordable options from 12kW - 20kW, these systems offer a permanent, reliable solution to power outage and provide a continuous connection to natural gas or liquid propane for years of uninterrupted operation. These generators are also back by a four year warranty that can't be matched!
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