Legrand - Pass & Seymour

Productivity. Reliability. Safety. They're the key components of every P&S electrical wiring device innovation. And these innovations can be found in countless commercial and residential installations. From switches and receptacles, to lighting controls and electric vehicle chargers, P&S electrical wiring devices are designed to work for you.



Pass & Seymour can provide you with a very large selection of electrical outlets. GFCI, outdoor, appliance, decorative, combination, and more. The selection of available items is sure to make you go home with all you need so make sure to stop in today!

Pass & Seymour offers a variety of switches for all your different electrical needs. Dimmers, fan controls, motion sensors, and more. Pass & Seymour styles are sure to add a decorative touch to any room and give you the functionality you desire.
Wall Plates

Switch plates, blank plates, combination plates, communication plates, duplex plates, decorative plates, and custom plates are available today from Powerhouse Electric. We offer a variety of sizes and colors in all of our plates styles to help decorate your rooms.
Electrical Boxes

Powerhouse Electric is a supplier for all types of Legrand Pass & Seymour electrical boxes. Wall, floor, ceiling, low voltage brackets, low voltage boxes, fan boxes and more. Whatever project you need supplies for we can supply everything on your list. Give us a call today.
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