Light Bulbs

Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs

If you need light bulbs for your fixtures we can help. We here at Power House Electric Supply pride ourselves with having one of the largest varieties of light bulbs in the area. Don't even try going somewhere else and hoping that they have what you need, stop in today where we DO have what you need. From standard incadescent bulbs to compact flurescents and beyond we have everything your home or business needs.

If you are in the market for some new bulbs and are a residential customer consider buying some of our compact flurescent bulbs today. They will help save you money every day due to each bulbs low energy usage. If you are a business customer and are looking for tube flurescent bulbs consider giving us a call today. As of July 14, 2012 the T12 style of ligtbulbs are no longer being produced due to new efficiency regulations, but worry not as Power House can help you get new fixtures, bulbs, and help you save money using bulbs that offer longer life and less energy.

Contact us today to learn more about all the ways Power House Electric Supply can help you save, using our online form or by phone at 419-532-6614 and take a look below to see a few of the bulb styles we offer:

Incadescent Bulb

No matter what kind of incadescent bulb you need we can help. From the standard size A, B, F, and more we have a solution for you. Choose from a variety of sizes, wattage, and colors to match your enviroment correctly. Also don't forget about our specialty lighting covering heat lamps, bug lights, and more!

Compact Fluorescent

Compact fluorescent lamps are being used for a growing number of applications, especially where energy savings and reduced maintenance costs are important. They have become a popular choice because of assortment, availability and reliability. In fact, they save up to 80% in energy costs and last up to ten times longer than standard lamps. With lamps achieving up to 12,000 hours of average rated life you can't go wrong.


Advancing technologies and environmental focus have changed the face of linear fluorescent lighting. From ultra thin and efficient to specialized applications, we have your lighting needs covered with an assortment of reliable lamps. Due to stricter energy regulations older T12 bulbs are no longer being manufactured, but we can provide you with a path to upgrade your existing infrastructure or provide you with a quote for your new installation.

LED Bulbs

LED lamps feature an unrivaled combination of efficiency, long life and light quality, providing the best overall performance in LED technology. End users benefit from LED technology with savings of up-to 88% in energy costs by installing LED lamps. These lamps feature a long life - up-to 40,000 hours - which saves on maintenance and lamp replacement costs and makes them perfect for hard-to-reach applications.

Specialty Bulbs

Sometimes a normal bulb just will not do and you need something special. That's why we offer a variety of specialty bulbs. From colored bulbs to specialty LED lights we can take care of your needs. Don't wonder where to get what you need stop in today to view our selection.

For a more complete listing...
For a complete listing of the bulbs we offer contact us using our online form or by phone.